Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

1.1. This platform is under the responsibility of LisbonYacht Boat Tours in Lisbon , with head office at Doca de Belém, Av. Brasília, 1400-038 Lisboa.

2.1. The information displayed on this platform is valid up to 31/12/2023.

3.1. Prices can change with no previous notice.
3.2 Catering services already hired, can have up to 20% price variation due to the current economic context.
3.3 All food restrictions have a cost increase of 35%.

4.1 For booking any boat/event, it’s required 50% deposit if the booking date is more than 30 days ahead. In case the event is happening within 30 day period it’s required full payment for booking the event.
4.2 All hired extras have to be fully paid until 8 days for the event date.
4.3 If the full payment has not been accomplished up to 48 hours from the event date, it will be cancelled and the amount already paid will not be refunded.

5.1 In case of event date change or event cancellation, we will not refund the amount already paid/billed.
5.2 Regarding the catering, it can be refunded 50% of the amount already paid if the client sends the notification up to 15 days before the event date. Within the 15 days period for the event date, the catering amount already paid will not be refunded.
5.3 All event date changes or event cancellation notifications, have to be directed to our email [email protected]
5.4 Cancelled events by the operator can be rescheduled with no extra costs for the client.

6.1. All kids aged less than 14 years have to be dully accompanied with adult supervision.
6.2. Each baby or kid counts as one passenger. Therefore, the total number of passengers will include babies and kids as well.
6.3. For shared tours, baby’s or kids have to pay tour ticket.

7.1. Meeting points can be changed within Lisbon district. In this case the customer will be contacted directly to inform this change.
7.2 Please consider the rush hour traffic and that there are several marinas in Lisbon. We advice planning carefully the route for the meeting point.

8.1 In case the client gets delayed for a Shared Tour and there are more clients on board, the boat will depart in order to accomplish the full time tour sold to the clients already on board. Check-ins will not be processed after departure time. There is no refund for delayed customers.
8.2 In case the client gets delayed for a Private Tour, the crew will wait for the client on the meeting point until the end of the event time. The event finish time can not be changed and there is no refund for lost event time.

9.1. Complaints have to be send within 5 days after the end of our services.
9.2. Any serious dispute will be solved in the Court of Lisbon.

10. PETS
10.1 No pets allowed. Please contact us if you have a special request.