Stag boat party in Lisbon

Stag boat party in Lisbon
Are you planning a Stag Boat Party in Lisbon ?

LisbonYacht is the current leader for Stag Boat Parties in Lisbon, managing more than 50 yachts with crew for different event types.

Safe booking. No bad surprises !

When you book an event with us there wont be bad surprises. The boat and all agreed details will be handled carefully, so you receive all that you hire.

And, as this is a personalized event, you can contact us directly via WhatsApp for organizing now all the details.

How is the booking process ?

Booking a Stag Boat Party in Lisbon with LisbonYacht hasn’t been so easy as today, with a single click on this WhatsApp button you will discuss your event details with a team member, and within a few moments you will have the basic quotation for the event.

How to surprise the Stag ?

There are several extras that you can add to the Stag Boat Party:

It’s also possible to add an extra layer of fun to the event. There are several options. Contact us to share your thoughts.

  • Sexy bartenders
  • Sexy top less bartenders
  • Sexy bartender plus strip show
  • Travesti prank strip show
  • Handcuffed midget
Video and filming for your event

Make it a memorable day hiring a professional photographer/video drone, that will cover the event from the beginning to the end.

Lisbon is the perfect city for stag parties
Stag boat party

Lisbon is the perfect city for stag boat parties, as during most of the year it has an amazing sunny weather.

Where will the boat go during the party ?
Stag boat party in Lisbon

During the boat party the boat will follow a triangular route, between Belem – City Center – Christ Monument. This is normally the most complete route for boat tours in Lisbon. At the same time as you have an amazing event!

Bluetooth sound system on board

All the boats are prepared with Bluetooth sound systems where it’s quite easy to connect any device, for playing your playlists.

How long should a stag party last ?

The duration that we suggest for a stag party is between 3 to 4 hours depending on the route and addons that you choose. We only suggest longer duration if you opt to have a lunch or dinner on board. 

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Where is the Stag boat party in Lisbon ?

The meeting point for the stag boat party is located in Belém (Lisbon). After booking the event, a detailed event summary will be sent to you with the exact GPS location, by email or Whatsapp.

On the day of the event our skipper will receive you.

What is the average price of the stag boat party ?

The prices for these boat parties depend mostly on 3 factors:

  • Number of guests
  • Number of hours
  • Addons


In general, the price per person will range from 50$ to 100$.

Top 10 reasons for organizing a stag boat party in Lisbon

Lisbon it’s a sunny city during most of the year, with amazing temperatures that makes it quite special for boating.

Portugal is one of the cheapest countries of the EU. Here you can organize a fantastic stag party from 50$ to 100$ per guest, and believe us that you will have lot’s of fun!

You will find the portuguese population very receptive and available for tourists. Most portuguese does also speak English which is very helpfull when walking around the city.

Lisbon is the perfect city for organizing a Stag Boat Party , but it has other great activities that you can explore. The Tuk Tuks can show you the best highlights of the city. You can hire the beer bike to pedal a drink some fresh beer. Explore some dark and ancient buildings on the old town. Have dinner with a Portuguese family. Get lost in Sintra…and much more! Contact us if you need ideas 🙂

Portugal is known for it’s rich cooking. Here you will be amazed with the amount of quality recipes for very reasonable prices.

In the capital you will find the best nightlife of Portugal. A great stag party is not complete without an unforgettable night. Explore the city center, Bairro Alto, Alfama, Lux Disco, the 30 best roof tops. Contact us to get some ideas!

There is no violence in Portugal. It’s actually the 3rd safest country of the hole world. This doesn’t mean that there are no thieves, because there are and you need to look out for your belongings. But there is no violence at all, it’s mostly pickpockets. 

Explore the new and the old. You will be amazed with the mix of architecture and local culture.

Portugal is the country with more highways by square kilometer. It’s very quick to move around by car, train or bus. Contact us if you need any recommendation.

As we are based here in Lisbon, we have considered this one of the top 10 reasons for choosing Lisbon for your next Stag Boat Party ! 

As we have organized a hundreds of Stag/Hen Boat Parties here, we have the best selection of boats and addons to offer you.

Feel free to contact us any time if you need help organizing the event.