Romantic Boat Tour Lisbon

Romantic Boat Tour Lisbon

Romantic experience

This romantic boat tour happens in Lisbon, Cascais or Troia. It’s only for 2 guests on a private boat. The boat type will be a sailing boat, that has interior areas with rooms, kitchen and toilet and exterior areas where you can walk all around the boat, sit and enjoy the view. The boats have sound system and some of them also have wifi.

Duration of the romantic boat tour

Our suggestion if you pretend to do a tour is 2 or 3 hours. If you complement with catering we suggest 3 to 4 hours. There is an extra option available that can be complemented with the tour, that is sleeping on board after the sunset tour.

Basically you will do the tour, after the catering is served and you will stay on board until the next morning.

Catering services for romantic experiences on boat

If you pretend to complement with catering services (our partner Portugalia or Sushi) can provide a quick service.

Our top picks are finger food like sushi, seafood, cheese boards, complement with fruits and dry fruits, accompanied with your favorite drinks.

We can also serve fork and knife meals if the boat it’s already docked in the marina. 

Weeding proposals on board

We can prepare the weeding proposal with you. The perfect song, the perfect spot and the perfect proposal happens. Contact us if you need any suggestions.

Transfer services for the romantic tours by boat

Transfer services can be arranged to complement the boat tour with your staying in Lisbon. Avoid going around the city looking for car spots, focus on your partner and leave the rest with the driver.

Transfers are more expensive than going by Uber, but if you are willing to spend a bit more, it’s a fast ride everywhere in the city, you will have a trustful driver and you don’t have to be waiting a different car every time.

What type of boat should I choose ?

The best boat for couple boat tours are sailing boats, as they are romantic boats, you can go sailing without engine noises, and for the price, as will be only 2 guests, it’s the cheapest option. The boat has plenty of space for a romantic couple, the main room is big enough for both of you will enjoy a lot. Visits can be done before booking.

What about the booking ?

To book the date you just pay the boat renting. The remaining costs, related with catering services can be paid closer to the event date, maximum 7 days before. Contact us for more info.


Routes for Romantic Boat Tours in Lisbon

Lisbon River Cruises

Route 1

Duration: 2/3 hours

Tour: It covers the most symbolical parts of Lisbon. Tower of Belém, Commerce Square (Lisbon), Bridge 25th April and the Christ monument.

Other routes can be arranged, as well as anchoring close to a beach for a calm event.

Route 2

Duration: 4 hours

Tour: It covers the most symbolical parts of Lisbon PLUS the east area of Lisbon and the modern part “Nations Park”. The passage on the middle of this bay is calm and pleasent.

Other routes can be arranged, as well as anchoring close to a beach for a calm event.


Barbecue | 20€

This service includes the grilling service, plates and cutlery.

Paddle Board | 50€

When the boat is anchored you can enjoy on the paddle!

Photo Service | 120€*

Just enjoy the event, the pictures will be taken by a Pro!

Drone + Photo | 180*

Circle video around the boat, vertical filming. Pictures. Can be combined with Photo Service.

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