Best of Lisbon Boat Tours

Sailing boat Lisbon

Lisbon is a great destination for everyone looking for a city with sunny weather most of the year.

Here we will give you some easy tips for choosing the best boat for renting in Lisbon.

The 2 main factors to consider before booking a boat are:

  • Number of guests
  • Event type

Option nº1

Sailing boat tour

Wether you are a single traveler, a couple or small group up to 12 guests, this is the best option for boat tours in Lisbon. Actually it’s the most common choice comparing all the options available for boat tours in Lisbon. The sailing boat tour has a cheap price per guest compared with other options. It’s comfortable, silente and relaxing, and the most important, has a friendly crew that will guide you trough this memorable experience.

In summary, we recommend sailing boats for everyone looking for any of the following experiences:

  • Calm relaxing boat tours
  • Guided boat tours
  • Family boat tours
  • Sailing experience
  • Romantic boat tours



Catamaran Boat Tour

Catamarans are an amazing option for events where you want to have more space. Also in the front you will find a comfortable.

Suggested events for this boat:

  • Anniversaries
  • Stag or Hen Parties
  • Family boat tours
  • Company events
  • Events with barbecue

Option 3


Classic boat

This option is the right one for bigger groups up to 40 guests. The boat has a classic style and enogh space for events with more guests. It has sound system and the main attributes for a boat tour in Lisbon. It can be used also for boat parties. It’s equipped with soundsystem and cooling system for the drinks.

There are more options for bigger boats, check the page Boat Rentals

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