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Easily rent a boat online. Sailing boats and Catamarans.

LisbonYacht organizes boat tours and private events on any boat type, from sailing boats to big yachts. Each boat has it’s unique specification that makes it better for certain event types. Our boats mainly fall into these 2 categories:

Sailing boats

Sailing boats are the best option for groups from 2 to 12 guests. The sailing boats have an interior zone with living room, kitchen and toilet and exterior zone with sitting areas and a table. It’s possible to connect smartphone to the sound system. Sailing boats are targeted for calm and relaxing events like:

  • Couple tours
  • Family tours
  • Calm parties
  • Beach tours
  • Tours with brunch, lunch/dinner



Catamarans are a great option for groups from 8 guests up to 140 guests. These boats are wider, which makes them a better option for events where you want to be standing up or dancing. On the interior you will find a living room with sofa and table, kitchen and toilet. It’s possible to connect smartphones to the sound system. On the exterior there is space to walk all around the boat and sitting areas. To summarize, Cataramans are targeted for these event types:

  • Boat Parties
  • Events with Barbecue
  • Beach tours
  • Corporate events
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